What Happens After We Receive The Specimen?

ScientiaDx provides clinicians with access through our ScientiaDx live web portal for immediate results. This support can provide helpful results interpretations of any findings that are inconsistent with the current treatment plan.
In addition, Clinicians can utilize the ScientiaDx Web Portal to obtain a snapshot of their practice compliance. It helps shed light on overall practice compliance to medications prescribed, unexpected results, highest prescriptions, illicit drugs found, and validity of patient samples.
This information can assist clinicians with creating an office testing protocol with patient agreements, patient risk assessments, and inspection checklists.

Urine Specimen Received In Lab

        • Upon receiving specimens, our team of Lab Technologists assign unique identification to each urine sample. Samples are then double aliquoted into sterile tubes as they undergo sterilization and validity testing

Science Prep

        • Urine samples are prepared for Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) screens if ordered and LC-MS/MS testing by going through a purification and extraction period. This allows for the most accurate interpretation of the existing compounds

Initial Drug Screening

        • Urine samples are screened for Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Illicit Drugs, Opiates and Oxycodone. This further aids in the resulting toxicology testing process by adding multiple sets of reliable data


        • LC-MS/MS confirmation testing is applied to samples. The rigorous process is concluded by the analysis of data processed from the LC-MS/MS

Toxicology Testing Results

        • The results are then reviewed for accuracy before they are sent to the clinician
        • Clinicians can review results and speak with a Scientia Dx Clinical Specialist
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