About Scientia Diagnostics

About Us

ScientiaDx partners with healthcare practitioners to improve the quality of patient care through excellence in drug testing. Medication monitoring can help identify possible illicit drug use and medication misuse and diversion. With the use of prescription opioids and other medications on the rise, it is increasingly important for health care practitioners to effectively manage the medication adherence of their patients. Urine drug monitoring gives you critical, actionable information to help you evaluate patient adherence, treatment plans and better outcomes.

The information provided in our easy-to-interprate reports will help guide a clinician’s treatment of a patient and ensure the safe and effective use of prescription medications. Our comprehensive drug monitoring program offers accurate and rapid results utilizing the most advanced LC-MS/MS technology, allowing for precise quantitative testing with the highest levels of control and compliance. Our technology can test for more than 90 drug compounds to help clinicians better understand their patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is provide quality of care and better patient outcomes through excellence in drug testing. We respond to challenges in the ever changing healthcare landscape, with a strong emphasis on compliance by offering state of the art LC-MS/MS technology that goes beyond standard urine drug testing. We deliver timely, accurate, clinically actionable information to inform the right treatment decisions for each patient.

ScientiaDx shares a unified belief that all patients have the right to safe and effective treatment and we aim to deliver on that idea by helping healthcare practitioners effectively manage medication adherence and help protect the safety of their patients and practice.

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