Urine Drug Testing in Addiction Treatment and Mental Health

Urine drug testing is a key diagnostic and therapeutic tool that is useful for monitoring the ongoing status of a person who is being treated for addiction. Test results provide drug-specific identification to support clinicians treating patients with substance use disorders (SUD).  UDT testing is appropriate during inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment, and is particularly appropriate at the onset of a course of treatment.  It can also serve as a deterrent to substance use and increase the likelihood of successful abstinence. Scientia Diagnostics UDT offers an extensive list of more than 90 drugs and metabolites for prescription medications and illicit substances and provides:

        • Identification of possible relapse
        • Support for ongoing treatment plans
        • Monitoring of prescription medications used in addiction treatment
        • Identification of medications that may cause drug-drug interaction
        • Detection of illicit substances and alcohol
        • Detection of emerging street drugs, synthetic cathinones (bath salts) and Synthetic cannabinoids (spice)
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