Frequently asked questions

Scientia Diagnostics accepts all major insurances including Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault.

Often times your patient will receive an Estimation of Benefits (EOB).  An EOB can resemble a bill to a patient and will include the price for service on it however, an EOB is not asking for payment, only explaining the patient’s benefits for the particular service that was performed.

Your patient will receive a bill when their particular insurance requires a co-pay and or deductible for this type of service.

Please call our billing department at (201) 884-9160.

We utilize UPS for all of your shipping needs.  No matter where you are, we can receive your sample the next day.  In addition, we will provide you with specimen-collection kits that come pre-addressed and ready to ship back to us.

Scientia supplies everything that you need to conduct your testing, at no cost to you.  If you have never placed an order with Scientia, contact a member of our Sales Team or Customer Support team at (201) 884-9160 to get started.

Confirmation analysis comprises chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry identification to detect and verify the presences of drugs in a specimen. Confirmatory testing is performed utilizing LC/MS/MS methodology and encompasses additional steps before and after actual analysis.  These steps include chemical extraction, which is performed prior to analysis in order to remove any interfering substances, data review, and data certification.  Scientia’s confirmation process ensures that the results we deliver are accurate every time.

For your convenience, reports can be viewed online through our client portal, faxed, and mailed.  If you don’t have a username and password for viewing reports online, contact our Customer Support Department at (201) 884-9160 to obtain instructions.

24 – 48 hours from the time we receive the sample

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